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ACCOMMODATION REGULATIONS - Lakeside Village - Větrník (Resort)

Operator: Lakeside Lipno Rent sro, Port 71, Lipno nad Vltavou, Company ID 05400406

1. The resort offers its guests accommodation services by units ver rents include the individual owners.

2. The resort is only allowed to accommodate guests who are properly registered and have a valid reservation for the property. Upon arrival, the guest is required to present valid identification, a ls present foreigners an identity card within the meaning of the Act on the stay of foreigners in the Czech Republic and complete the registration form and sign it if he has not already done so electronically. The obligation to register at the resort reception also applies to every minor child.

3. Proper check-in entitles the guest to temporary accommodation for the agreed period.

4. The resort then hands the guest a house or apartment key (hereinafter referred to as units) or a remote control from the barrier to the residential unit . If the key / remote control is lost, the guest is obliged to report the loss to the reception immediately. Otherwise the resort is not liable for any damage caused by the loss of the key. The guest will be charged a fee of CZK 1000 for the loss of the key or the destruction of the remote control from the barrier.

5. Based on the confirmed order and the prepaid amount for the accommodation including VAT, the resort is obliged to accommodate the guest with confirmed reservation from 4:00 p.m. on the day of arrival until 11:00 a.m. on the day of departure . During this period, the unit is reserved for the guest unless otherwise stated in the order. Early accommodation before 4 p.m. must be agreed at the time of booking the room and awaits approval and possible pricing by the resort for this superior service.  

6. Cancellation of a confirmed standard reservation. If canceled up to 30 days before date of arrival, 15% of the total price of the reservation will be charged.

If you cancel less than 30 days before your arrival, the resort will charge 50% of the room rate. 

In the event of cancellation by the guest on the day of arrival or in the event of a no-show, the resort will charge 100% of the room price and is entitled to cancel the entire reservation without compensation.   

7. The resort is under no obligation to accommodate guests without a confirmed reservation and the amount paid for the accommodation.

8. If the guest does not provide a valid ID (identity card, passport, residence permit), the resort is entitled to accommodate the guest in accordance with the Act on Local Fees for Czech Citizens and Act 314/2015 Coll . z u refuse , especially for foreign customers.

9. Persons who are infected with infectious diseases or who are obviously under the influence of alcohol or drugs are excluded from accommodation in the resort. 

10. The resort reserves the right in exceptional cases, guests other than the agreed accommodation in a particular Wohneinhei t offer unless these differ in type and capacity significantly from the confirmed order.

11. If the guest wishes an extension of the accommodation compared to the agreed time and the resort has free capacity, the accommodation time can be extended. In this case, however, the resort de n guest can relocate a different accommodation ( accommodation unit) than the one in which he originally lived.

12. For accommodation and other ordered services, the guest is obliged to make the prepayment according to the resort's current price list at check-in at the reception based on the account submitted. The invoice is made together with the payment of the advance payments made by the guest, unless otherwise agreed by the resort with the guest.

13. The guest guarantees the accommodation, services during the stay and any minor damage by deposit / deposit, which he deposits in cash at the resort reception in the amount of CZK 5000 / EUR 200 for the accommodation in the house, respectively. 2500 CZK / 100 EUR for accommodation in the apartment. This deposit is required at check-out after an inspection de r unit , settle the account and return the key or remote control for the gate fully refunded.      

14. Accommodation ends on the date agreed with the guest on the day the guest unsubscribes. For proper check-out, the guest must leave the unit by 11:00 a.m., return the key or remote control to the front desk and pay the bill. Done this is not, and unless otherwise agreed, the resort is authorized for each hour or from 1 8 : 00 to raise the stay for the next night a fee of 500 CZK / 20 EUR for late departure.

15. At the latest at the end of the stay, the guest is obliged to report any damage to the resort reception. If the guest hides the damage, the remaining amount will be sent to them by invoice or debited from the credit card.

16. Upon check-in or check-out i st at the front desk of the resort the following fees to be paid, which is not in the price of accommodation:

  • Tourist tax and community fee of 2 0 CZK / 0.8 € per person per night,
  • Bed linen and towels fee of CZK 300 / EUR 12 per person
  • Unit final cleaning fee of:
    • EUR 65 per house with a capacity of 6 or more people
    • 55 EUR per house and apartment for up to 6 people 
    • 35 EUR for smaller apartment with a capacity up to 3 people 

In the event of heavy soiling that does not correspond to normal operation, an additional fee of CZK 500 / EUR 20 - CZK 2500 / EUR 100 for additional cleaning will be charged if, for example, heavily soiled by excrement.  

17. The resort offers guests and visitors free WiFi. When using the Wi-Fi network, every user is required to comply with all applicable laws, in particular copyright infringement, illegal sharing or downloading of artwork, congestion on the Wi-Fi network and activities that cause the transmission or spread of computer viruses , to avoid. Spam), the distribution of alarm messages and other activities that violate the relevant laws.

18. The guest is obliged to check the completeness of the devices and their condition according to the device list immediately upon arrival in the reserved premises and to report missing or damaged devices immediately to the reception. In the event of equipment damage found during accommodation, the guest is also required to report this to the resort reception.

19. The guest is entitled to the equipment de r unit to the enclosed instructions for which it is determined to only for the purpose to use.

20. The guest may not make any changes to the premises that are reserved for use without the approval of the resort management . h . do not move devices and equipment or make changes to the power grid or other systems.

21. The guest is liable for damages to the equipment de r unit , unless he proves that he is not at at fault and is obliged to compensate such damage immediately. This claim by the resort also applies to damage that is determined after the guest's departure. Smaller damages are paid directly from the deposit . In the case of major damage, for which the amount cannot be determined in advance, the down payment / deposit will be retained and will be charged to the guest after a precise quantification. If the damage exceeds the deposit amount, an invoice will be sent to the guest.  

22. All visits can only be accepted from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. with the approval of the receptionist. Outside of these hours, only guests and resort staff have access to the units. Otherwise, the foreign police can assume an illegal overnight stay without registration .

23. A guest may only bring pets and other animals to the resort after knowing the reception and only if they can prove their health. This has, for upon request . B . be provided with a valid vaccination certificate for the animal. The price for a pet is based on the current price list. In all public areas of the resort has to each animal on a leash and dog muzzled bear . Dogs or other animals must not rest / lie on a bed or any other resort facility or unit used for resting guests. The guest is fully responsible for the animal . The exception are guide and signal dogs for deaf and similar service dogs. They have also always cost -free access to the resort 

24. The guest must not put dangerous objects and substances (weapons, explosives, highly flammable substances, caustic substances, poisons etc.), narcotics or psychotropic substances, objects or substances that are very dirty and / or stink in the units or public Bring areas of the resort.

25. Smoking is prohibited in the units . In the event of violations of the ban, the guest will be charged additional cleaning.

26. The guest is obliged to keep the night's rest from 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. and not to restrict other accommodated guests. With the consent of the operator, social events can also be organized on the resort grounds after 10 p.m. in the designated areas.

27. The resort can only access roads to enter and navigate w ground . Parking of vehicles is permitted at designated locations. The resort is not liable for theft or damage to items left in the Resort F Hicles. The resort advises guests to ensure that they are properly locked and secured. It is also recommended not to leave personal and valuable items in the vehicle. The resort is not liable for damages that the guest caused to third parties in the parking lots or on the way of the resort. The resort reserves the right to claim and offset damages caused to the property by a guest vehicle . 

28. For security reasons, it is not permitted to leave children under the age of ten or persons requiring childcare in adult resorts and other premises without adult supervision. Your legal representative bears full responsibility for damage caused by children or persons requiring care .

29 . The guest is required to close the taps, switch off the lights, close the windows and doors to the balcony and d ie unit to ver lock if he d ie unit leaves. We also ask guests to use their electricity wisely. H. h Do not Eizen with the windows open, turn off all devices (saunas) after use so correctly. Electric cars can only be charged from the home network by prior agreement and for a flat rate of 500 CZK / 20 EUR per day without limit.  

3 0 . During the stay in the recreation area, every guest is obliged to behave in such a way that no fire starts. The behavior of guests in the event of a fire is regulated in the fire alarm guidelines.

3 1 . Fires in the public areas of the resort and in individual units are automatically reported by optical smoke detectors installed in the units and public areas of the resort . 

3 2 . In the event of a fire, guests must report a fire alarm to the resort staff or directly to emergency number 150 . You can in the initial phase one en portable n fire extinguisher use, that it is in the common areas and units of the resort is located, to the flames extinguish. However, protecting human life and health is a priority.  

3 3 . In the event of an accident, breakdown, drowning or similar life threatening situation, guests are required to report the incident to the resort staff immediately or directly to emergency number 155. 

3 4 . Access to the occupied unit is only permitted by the management of the resort and the maintenance staff if a technical error is reported in the room. The cleaning staff or other persons may only enter the occupied unit with the prior consent of the guest or at his request.

3 5 . In the public areas of the resort and on the terraces, we ask guests to observe the principles of good manners. It is not permitted to walk in the public areas of the resort without clothing or in unsuitable clothing . 

3 6 . Forgotten items from guests at the resort are recorded and kept for one month. The Resort de m guest can only send forgotten items to the specified address on request and at his own expense.

3 7 . For security reasons and to protect guests and their property, a camera system is installed in the public areas of the main building and in the other public areas of the resort. The camera recordings are treated in accordance with the relevant laws for the protection of personality. 

3 8 . The resort management is looking forward to suggestions for improvement and thanks for critical comments. Please send your suggestions to e-mail:

39 . Guests are obliged to comply with the provisions of these accommodation regulations for the duration of their stay. If the guest grossly violates the Accommodation Act or morality despite a warning, the resort is entitled to withdraw from the provision of the accommodation service before the agreed time. In this case, the resort is entitled to full payment of the overnight price. The guest must leave the resort immediately. 

4 0 . A guest who provides the resort with his personal data from his documents when setting up the accommodation service declares himself with the collection, storage and processing of the by the administrators, Lakeside Lipno R ent s . r . o . , consent to the personal data provided for the purpose stated below. This consent is given voluntarily for all data that is provided for a period of 10 years from the date of consent. With his signature (or by ticking the appropriate box on an internet form) he / she confirms that he / she has been informed about his / her rights in relation to the management and processing of personal data, in particular that he / she has done so with reference to Act No. 101/2000 Coll . he the right has to withdraw his consent at any time free of charge, as well as the right to access such personal data and to correct them, to lock inaccurate personal data, delete, etc., and the right to personal to the office for the protection of data to turn. According to § 5 of Act No. 101/2000 Coll . As part of the protection of personal data, all data provided is collected and processed exclusively for marketing purposes by the administrator, namely for sending marketing information. The data controller declares that he will treat the data provided in accordance with the applicable legal regulations and collect personal data to the extent necessary to fulfill the stated purpose and only process it in accordance with the purpose for which it was collected. Employees of the controller or other natural persons who process personal data under a contract with the controller and other people are obliged to maintain the confidentiality of personal data even after the employment relationship or activity has ended .

These accommodation rules will take effect on February 1 , 2020.

 In Milná 30.1 2 .2019 

 Vladimír Šlajch

 Resort Manager - Lakeside Village - Větrník

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