Important information for accommodation

Dear guests, The Lakeside Village resort and other homes and apartments offered for rent on this site are currently open to individual property owners and guests meeting exemptions from retail and service restrictions. We can currently provide accommodation: a) only to persons for whom such accommodation is necessary for the performance of employment, occupation, business or other similar activities, where: (i) this purpose must be demonstrated by each person to whom accommodation is provided before commencing accommodation by written confirmation from the employer or the customer, (ii) the operator is required to require proof of the purpose referred to in point (i) and to keep it for the entire stay of the accommodated person, b) persons who have been ordered to work under the Crisis Act, c) foreigners, if they do not have another residence in the territory of the Czech Republic and who have authorization to enter and stay in the Czech Republic in accordance with other regulations, d) persons who have been ordered with isolation or quarantine, (e) persons for the purpose of completing accommodation started before the entry into force of this Resolution government, if they do not have another residence in the Czech Republic.   In case of any ambiguity, please contact us. Lakeside Lipno Rent s.r.o.

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